Should students return back to school?


Ana Meza Cardenas

As days, weeks, and months continue to pass, questions come up regarding whether students should return back to school or continue distance learning. However, the real question is would it be safe for students to return as the pandemic continues to increase ? The number of cases continue to increase every day; not only that but, flu season has arrived.

Many students and parents are frustrated with the fact that schools have not reopened, but the reality is that a lot of exposure can occur with reopening schools. Not only would students be in danger but also adults, grandparents, family members, or any other siblings who may have any kind of health issue. Covid-19 cases have continued to spread all over the world and so will the flu. With Covid spreading and the flu combined it could be a greater danger for students to return back to school, especially knowing that many students would not follow every precaution that would be required.

Students should not return back to school. Although students may not experience a similar way of learning as before, they are still receiving the same level of education, teachers prepare lesson plans as they would if we were present in the school campus, students are assigned classwork and homework as before, but the only difference would be that it is safer from home.