California Wildfires


Edgie Delsocora

Recently wildfires have been popping up around California and have been causing major problems. The wildfires have been causing major problems to the forests including disruption of animal life and the ecosystem in general. The spread of wildfires have been causing power outages and major harm to individuals. The wildfires are harmful enough to most likely cause major evacuations. The wildfires have even caused a color distortion to the sky having a more orange hue to it.  


The wildfires have been steadily growing for the past months and may be a major problem in the long run. The large amount of wildfires have been creating massive amounts of smoke in the sky, having an effect on the air as well as increasing the carbon dioxide levels. This is a major problem as the land would most likely be harder to live in if the fires keep spreading. 


The fires have been steadily growing in size and have been forcing many people to evacuate. Recently in Southern California two wildfires have been doubling in size and forcing a large majority of people to evacuate. The fires have made a growing concern of whether or not they will affect utilities and if power should be shut off temporarily. In fact in Orange county more than 90,000 people have been forced to evacuate because of the recent wildfires. The fires have been spreading to the point where 15,000 acres have been burned and homes are close to burning as well. 


There are unknown causes for the wildfires, but Southern California Edison reported that it is likely that a few telecommunications lines might have struck it’s equipment and caused the Silverado fire that happened as of recently. It is unknown whether or not other wildfires are caused by the same thing or caused by something different entirely. According to many, the 2020 fire season has the most enormous wildfires tearing across California and other states of the West. Experts believe that the fires are linked to climate change as carbon emissions are being trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. In the upcoming months prepare for the fires to spread even more as a result of the increasing carbon emissions.