Drive-In Movie Night


Viking Staff

Has the coronavirus got you down? Are you sick and tired, not from Covid, but from being stuck in your house for what seems like forever? Well now you’ve got a chance to turn it all around and hit the town!

That’s right, we’re talking about the senior class presentation of Drive-In Movie Night!

If you’re a senior, you can participate in this fun event in three easy steps:

First, visit the Class of 2021 Instagram page here: and check the bio for a link to the sign up page.

Second, check their story to vote for which movie you want to see.

Third, have a great time!

Finally, if you do take part in Drive-In Movie Night, make sure you take plenty of pictures and send them to Yearbook using this link:

You’ll get the chance to see yourself in the yearbook, and every person who submits photos using the link will be entered in the November drawing for a free copy of this year’s yearbook. If you’ve already sent in photos from another event such as Senior Sunrise, you can still send in photos from Drive-In Movie Night and earn another entry into the prize drawing.