Should Students Return Back to School?

Should Students Return Back to School?

Milah Masters, Editor

With a new school year​, a lot needs to happen so that students can learn without raising the risk of spreading Covid. As families and teachers make decisions about their children returning to school, it is still important to consider all the benefits and risks of both in-person and online learning options. Yes, parents are understandably concerned about the safety of their children at school during COVID-19, but they also want them to return to school for the full learning experience. 

Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than adults. The lack of in-person educational options harms low-income, minority children, and those living with disabilities. These students are far less likely to have access to private instruction and care. They are far more likely to rely on school-supported resources like special education services, and after-school programs to meet basic needs. 

However, there are still some risks about going back to school during this pandemic. According to the CDC, “The risk might seem low for children, but they still get sick, some seriously. Questions still surround the disease and It’s not worth the risk. Currently we’re experiencing a pandemic and safety is the number one concern. Every day we learn more about this disease. It doesn’t seem like we know enough to protect children and teachers for a return to school.” Also, flu season is coming up, and Covid and the flu may not mix well. The CDC states, “Maybe Covid-19 alone doesn’t affect children as badly as adults, but what if you mix it with the flu? Last January, 27 children had died of the flu. What will the dance of these two illnesses look like in the fall?”

In conclusion, the question regarding weather or not students should return to school or not is still being debated. As for right now, all we can do is stick with what we have got and wait until things have been figured out.