The Best Of Me


Ana Meza Cardenas, Editor

To begin with, there are so many romance movies out there that have a happy ending where two people who have felt truly in love stay together forever, but The Best of Me has a completely unique twist. In The Best of Me, not only does it show that true love exists, but it demonstrates that love is what one does for someone.

The film has several twists to Dawson and Amanda’s love story predictions, making it exciting and entertaining for the audience. Throughout the film it will make the audience have a twist in their feelings and emotions towards the film such as having happy tears, excitement, sadness and anger, as well as making the audience realize that love could last forever.

Although Nicholas Sparks demonstrates that love can last forever, he also demonstrates that love is not based on money, by showing that even though Dawson was lower class, what Amanda felt for Dawson was stronger than all the money in the world .

In The Best of Me, Dawson and Amanda’s love story begins at a cafe. Their love story continues in the most beautiful way until they lose each other when Dawson commits an act of murder, saving Amanda but murdering one of the people he loved the most. Amanda wanted to be with Dawson even if he was in prison, but Dawson push her away. He thought it was the best for Amanda when Amanda knew that, for her, Dawson was the best of her.

Twenty years later they meet again, realizing that they never stopped loving each other. They recreate their love story once again without realizing the danger, this time due to Amanda having a husband where she wasn’t happy with. After living their love story all over again, Dawson and Amanda’s love story ends once more but this time forever. With all the love he felt for her, Dawson makes an act of sacrifice as a way of demonstrating how true his love is for Amanda.