Face Masks Should Be Required When Entering A Building


Ana Meza Cardenas, Editor

No matter the age, no matter one’s individual beliefs, no matter one’s health, people should wear a face mask when entering a store. To begin with, by law it is required to wear a face mask when entering a building,  yet people tend not to obey. When wearing a face mask when going into public places, outdoors or any building where physical distance is not a option,  keeping your face mask on at all times will help reduce the spread of cases increasing with Covid-19 . It has been stated that Covid-19 particles live in the air up to several days and can travel within the direction of the wind,  meaning that no matter where one is, wearing a face mask could prevent and save many lives from Covid-19.

Everyone who enters a building should wear a face mask no matter the age , or health problems. Many people refuse to wear a face mask, using their health as an excuse, but people who have health issues as should make sure they wear their face mask at all times because not wearing a face mask in public places could risk the chance of worsening their health problems or they may catch Covid-19 .

When not wearing a face mask and entering a public place two risk factors appear. First, you may breathe air that contains Covid particles. Second as an individual you can pass the virus to someone else not knowing you have Covid. Even if your body hasn’t shown any symptoms you could still have Covid,

When going grocery shopping everyone is crowded together and do not maintain a distance of six feet away from one another. If someone doesn’t have a mask on and are not maintaining a distance of approximately six feet they are at high risk of being exposed compared to those who are wearing face masks. In addition, keeping your face mask on at all times will help people prevent and slow down the spread of covid-19.