“Mirai” An Animated Film By Mamoru Hosoda

Lurez Calidguid, Editor

During these hard times we’ve been facing for months, keeping up with news about the pandemic—not to mention the political climate, can get exhausting and draining. For one to function well, taking a break is necessary. To slow down and figure out what works for you can help you in the long run.

People have different ways of coping with these uncertain times, from playing with pets to reading self-help books, decluttering and rearranging your space, learning a new skill or just lying in your bed all day long or even cutting your bangs on your own, really, we are no one to judge. If yours include watching a feel-good film, here’s a recommendation.

Directed and written by Mamoru Hosoda, this animated light-hearted film “Mirai”, translated to “future” in English, tells a story about a young boy named Kun who began his time-traveling adventure through the past by meeting different members of his family and uncovering their stories. Four-years-old Kun always had his parents’ whole attention until his younger sister, Mirai, was born. Since then he always felt forgotten and neglected.

Every time he runs away from home out of jealousy and annoyance, he stumbles upon a gateway to the past in their magical garden only he knows. There he meets his little sister who also time-traveled but from the future to the present. It may seem that Kun’s insensitivity and self-centeredness can feel overbearing at times but wait until he discovers more about the past, you’ll see him as a caring child too.

If you prefer a movie that has a no-problem, no-heavy-drama-feels but can still give you takeaways, add this movie to one of your lists. In terms of the animation, it has a calm, quiet, and comforting atmosphere that gives you a peaceful plane of existence, with the addition of the characters’ funny exaggerated facial expressions when on the verge of getting caught.

And for those who can’t be alone with their thoughts going to bed, this movie will help with getting you lull. Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you watch “Mirai” at night while lying in bed so that no form of distractions can get in the way of you feeling the peace and comfort this movie brings.