Corona Virus Vaccine


Edgie Delsocora

Covid vaccines have been a major topic all throughout the globe. A lot of countries have even claimed that covid vaccine experimentation is underway. Since Covid is such a novel disease vaccines are needed. In fact AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford are developing a covid vaccine that might actually be successful. Although there isn’t a confirmation of the vaccine being finished there is a high likelihood of it being completed near the end of 2020. 

The vaccine was being made and has even been tested on by several volunteers the current location of the prototype vaccines are at Oxford University in England.  As of now, the making of the vaccine has been stopped only for a moment since a Covid patient became ill after being injected by the prototype vaccine. AstraZeneca stated that this was an “unexpected illness” this means that they don’t exactly know if the vaccine caused the sudden illness or if a different source caused it. At the moment the vaccine is not being tested but after a few weeks Oxford and AstraZeneca will start testing the vaccine again.  

The vaccine is completely needed since the virus which is known as COVID-19 is still quite new. This means that the virus is dangerous because it is unknown how it spreads and if it can evolve any further. The use of a vaccine can help protect people so that’s why so many people have started working on vaccines for the virus. Currently the vaccine being made by Oxford University is at the advanced stage of testing. This means that the vaccine has started triggering immune responses against the virus. Which could once again mean that the vaccine would be finished likely when 2020 is almost at its end or likely early months of 2021 is the highest likelihood of the vaccine finishing. 

Andrew Pollard, an Oxford professor, has stated that “They’re extremely promising and we believe the type of response that may be associated with protection”. What he means by this is that the vaccine seems to be working and the immunity the people who used the vaccine seems to protect them from the Covid virus. He also said “But the key question everyone wants to know is does the vaccine work, does it offer protection… and we’re in a waiting game”. It still isn’t clear whether or not the vaccine provides protection at all against the virus or if it’s only a temporary immunity. Currently the vaccine is safe but there are side effects when using it. The side effects aren’t dangerous but the side effects have either been mild headaches or even fevers. 

The vaccine has been proven to be effective at times but whether or not it’s going to be completely effective is still unknown. Currently the vaccine Oxford is making seems to be a lot more effective compared to other vaccines other people are making. For example China’s vaccine still has unknown properties and it doesn’t trigger any sort of immunity to the virus. As of right now the vaccine has been tested by over 3000 people and 17% of these people have had side effects. This means that over 80% of the tested people didn’t receive any side effects from the vaccine. This could possibly mean that the vaccine gives side effects very rarely, although it is not confirmed if this is true or not.