Plenty Of Scares At Halloween Haunt


Halloween is a holiday the younger kids from elementary school enjoy, but not often high schoolers. So, what could teenagers do during Halloween to enjoy that day as well? Well the drama team had a great idea of making a haunted house during school. This was a great way for kids to access a fun activity at school on a holiday.

Some of the kids working on the haunted house had a lot of fun as well. Seniors Aakiyah Stuart and Domanick Zackery were two students from drama class who participated in working on the haunted house. The two had a lot of fun and both agreed that the haunted house was scary for many. 

On the other hand, Jetshua Campos was a student who was able to experience the haunted house. He believed the haunted house was truly scary, to the point he almost fell. “The actors did a good job, for real!”  He enjoyed the haunted house with his friends and believed it was worth it.

Overall, the haunted house is something that everyone could have fun participating in whether it’s working on the haunted house, or just experiencing it.