SOUL Vikes Student Recognition: Maria Simental


Starting in the 22-23 school year Edison high school started the student recognition program, they started this program so the students who go out of their way to represent SOUL and be responsible could be recognized to earn prizes.

One of those students is Maria Simental, who was nominated by Mrs. Anserlian for taking initiative and always being willing to help no matter what.

We asked Maria how she felt being nominated for spotlight and she said, ¨Kind of surprised. I wasn’t aware this was a thing were doing and then Ms. A kind of just mentioned it to me.¨

The students who are nomoinated for spotlight are promised a prize and we asked what she got. She said ¨I got a crumbl cookie¨ 

We also asked Mrs. Anserlian some questions and one of them was if it was hard to choose a student for the spotlight, and she says ¨No, I knew I wanted to nominate her.¨

A last questions we asked Maria was if the cookie she got was good or not and she said ¨yes, it was a good cookie¨