Students Rush to Join Clubs at Club Rush


Elyssa Adizas decided to join Art club at Club Rush.

Alondra Mercado and Celeste Ortega

Club rush is the time when you can go out and look for a club to join. There are also people out there looking for people like you to join their club. 


Have you ever worked at a club rush? Well that is what Edison junior Jacqueline Diaz is doing . She is looking for people to join her club.


She believes people should join her club because they can get more involved with their own community.


“We also will be working alongside Edison’s Key Club to make toys for our local animal shelters and volunteer at the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton.” said Jacqueline Diaz.


Are you looking for a club to join? Did you find a club that suits right for you? Well, Elyssa Adizas found a club that she liked. 


Elyssa was looking for a club to join. She joined art club because she likes to draw.