Class Officer Elections for Freshmen and Sophomore Classes


Mrs. Anserlian, Activities Director and ASB/Leadership teacher, who guides class elections.

It’s come that time where it’s time to vote for our class officers. You may be asking, what is the purpose of these class officers?

Well, they mainly help out with event planning and they represent our school and classes.

Though it may seem like little, they work extremely hard every day and it’s not an easy role.

Recently, we interviewed a few candidates for the election and asked them a few questions on their views. 


Michael Bumagat, candidate for Freshman VP


Michael Bumagat is a 9th grade student who is running for Freshman Vice President. He’s been interested in school activities ever since he was in elementary school, so he’s glad he’s finally involved. He strives for a good year for him and his class so they could have a memorable first year of high school.

“I just want to make sure my class has fun. I’m a kid who likes to have fun, so I want everyone to have fun. I want to make sure my class has a memorable first year.” said Michael.






Faith Mendoza, candidate for Freshman Class President

Another candidate is Faith Mendoza.  Faith Mendoza is in the 9th grade Class of 2026.

She is running for Freshman class president this year because she wants to be more involved with Edison. Faith also wants to create more memories here at Edison.

Someone that made her interested in running for class president is her sister. Her sister had roles in ASB. Faith got inspired and interested by hearing her sister talk about it.

She also thinks it may be fun. Faith wants to accomplish a lot of things this year such as getting people to get more involved with school. She also mentioned that she wants to get kids out of their comfort zone and not be as much to themselves. 

Overall Faith knows she will make an impact in this school.




Micah Marielle Gawe, candidate for Freshman Class President

Have you ever been interested in joining the student body or running for VP or even President? Well Micah Marielle Gawe is.

Micah has always wanted to become president, she’s always been in the student council throughout elementary school. and was also in the PLUS community for middle school.

She wants to run for president to be able to communicate with students and peers and to help create a better environment for the school.

“I’m trying to achieve two things. First of all, to make everyone and myself proud, and working hard and creating a better school space.” said Micha Marielle Gawe.






Dalana Lugo, candidate for Freshman VP

Dalana Lugo is a freshman in the class of 2026 and she is running for Vice president.

She is running for freshman vice president because she wants to help out with the Edison community as much as she can during her time here. She wants to be more involved with her school now that she is a part of Edison and is a Viking.

What makes Dalana interested in running for vice president are the jobs and certain tasks that she wants to take up as a vice president. The things she is trying to accomplish as a vice president are to help out with school, her peers, and the people around her so they can all be successful in what they do. She wants to accomplish these things the best that she can.

The reasons why Dalana thinks she will be fit for this position (vice president) are that she is loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy. Overall she believes that she will make a difference because she is able to say things and for those things to be brought to life.


Jalaya Day, candidate for Sophomore VP

Have you given a thought to who will be this year’s sophomore vice president? The next sophomore vice president will have an important job to help sophomore voices be heard and to help the sophomore president. The sophomore vice president will have a big role influencing other sophomores. 

Jalayah Day is running for sophomore vice president. 

When asked why she is running for sophomore vice president she said “I’m running well technically I got asked by friends if I wanted to run and I said ya, that’s why.” 

People should vote for me because I’ll make sure that their opinions are heard,” said Day. A good sophomore vice president should listen to what other 10th graders need and want.  For our last question we asked what is one thing you would do if you won? “If I won, I would make sure people’s voices are heard.”