Careers to Pursue if You Like Biology

Careers to Pursue if You Like Biology

Nicole Chavez

If you’re interested in biology, there are many more career options other than simply ‘biologist’! You can be hired for any of the listed jobs with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

One of these jobs includes being a microbiologist. What microbiologists do is study microscopic life forms and processes. They usually conduct all their work in offices or laboratories where they perform experiments and analyze the results. Their median pay is $67,550.

A job for people who love social interaction is health communications specialist. What these people work to do is help others understand more about medical treatment, healthy lifestyle choices, and disease prevention. Their daily life consists of identifying health issues and creating materials and sharing them with others for patients to follow. The median salary for this job is $79,397.

Last but not least we have biochemists who study the chemical and physical processes of living things and biological processes such as cell development, growth, and disease. A day in the life of a biochemist would consist of doing things like planning and conducting research projects as well as study effects of substances like drugs. The median salary for this job is $82,150.

As you can see, there is actually a large range of jobs you can get that all differ from one another if you share an interest in biology.