Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Maria Gomez Enriquez

     If you have ever been in an English class or just love to read classic books, you might have heard of Jane Eyre by the author Charlotte Bronte. This sensational story goes really into the elements of religion, the supernatural, romance, dependence/independence, equality and much more. While reading this story you will see why everyone recommends it. 


     What is Jane Eyre about? Jane Eyre is a coming of age story which reveals the story of a young girl’s journey for happiness and equality. Before that she goes through many hard times. A common message throughout the story is the importance of independence. Throughout the story there are many characters that help shape the character of Jane Eyre. Many of those characters are likable but many are not. 


     In the beginning of the story, Jane is 10 years old and all through the middle of the book she is 18 years old. At the end of the book she is about 30 years old. Jane is a character that suffers since the beginning. She is continually abused by men and really communicates with women. But Jane is a very brave, selfless, kind, and honest person who will always do the right thing. Throughout the story she has to fight feelings vs righteousness. What this means is that Jane continually sets aside her feelings to do what she feels is the correct thing. Jane will do what is right even if her feelings are in the way. Jane is such an amazing character, and even though she suffers, she ultimately gets her happy ending. 


     Another important character is Edward Rochester. Rochester is the main love interest for Jane and he is a very mysterious person. He tries to manipulate Jane in many ways and does some things that are just weird. But we do get character development and why Rochester is the way that he is. In my opinion Rochester was written very well by Bronte.


     Some other important people in Jane’s life are the Reeds. The Reeds are Jane’s relatives and they treat her very badly. They play a key role in how Jane acts as a child. Other important characters are the Rivers family. The Rivers help Jane out when she needs it the most and it later gets revealed that they are relatives of Jane as well. When she is with the Rivers, the theme of religion is huge. Jane ultimately becomes a Christian when she is with them. 


     There is so much to Jane Eyre that wasn’t covered in this article but if you want to know what happened, go and read the book.