Netflix Review: Squid Games

Netflix Review: Squid Games

Sophia Vino

     Released on Sep 17, 2021, a new Netflix show series, “Squid Game,” with 9 episodes has become popular very fast, becoming the number 1 show on the app. Directed by Hwang-Dong Hyuk and taking place in Korea, Squid Game is about these miserable people with their own hard stories who are financially unstable and made their choice to go compete with other people in a warehouse for a huge amount of money that can last for a lifetime. 

     The competitors have to go through 6 famous worldwide games in order to win and be the last person standing. There are 456 players and the even the easiest games like red light, green light are deadly. shooting the people who do not stop at the red light. 

     Children’s games seem simple, but they have been modified to have deadly consequences. Competitors who fail to complete or solve a game are eliminated. It is violent, emotional, and so addicting that once you finish an episode you can’t wait to watch the next. 

     Despite all the violent gore, all of the characters have changed after that first game. All the emotions the actors showed were very well done. The protagonist shows compassion to others. Some antagonists are disliked because of their actions to others, but in the end everyone wants the money for themselves and their loved ones. Squid Game shows that when you put money first, everything else in your life comes last.