What’s Better, Halloween or Christmas?

Whats Better, Halloween or Christmas?

Alyssa Saldivar

     Now we all love holidays, some more than others. We also all have our opinion on which holiday is better, but the two top ones that usually come up as the best are Halloween and Christmas. One is celebrated by spooky and scary adventures, candy, stories, and costumes. The other is celebrated by gifts, love, dinner, Christmas trees, and winter. 

     Both holidays are significant depending on a person’s belief and preference. However, Christmas is better than Halloween. Christmas is one of the biggest events of the year. It also ends the year in a great, fulfilling way.

     When little, we all love candy and presents. What lasts longer? The presents do. Candy we eat, but the presents we can cherish forever. Although it’s fun dressing up and going trick or treating, what’s better than decorating the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate in pajamas, singing Christmas carols, eating a special family dinner, and waiting to open up presents in the morning? Christmas is better than Halloween because it’s just more enjoyable.