The Power of Compliments

The Power of Compliments

Maria Gomez Enriquez

Compliments are something that everyone wants to hear in their lives. What are compliments? Compliments are a polite expression of praise or admiration to a person. They can range from a simple “your hair is nice” to a “that dress looks fantastic on you”. Often when someone compliments another person, it makes the person getting complimented feel very great about themselves. They could have been having a bad day and by complimenting them, that could have made their day. 


Why are compliments important to give out? Well, human beings love to be valued and praised. It is a simple human need. Compliments make the person giving them feel good and the person receiving them feel good about themselves as well. It makes the person giving them feel good because they are saying something nice to another person. The reason it makes the person who receives them feel good is because someone is praising them for something they could have felt insecure about. 


So knowing that compliments are important, what is the reason people do it? Well, people could be trying to become friends with someone. And the first attempt to do that is by complimenting them. After giving them a compliment, their conversation led to a great friendship. The second reason people compliment is because it helps them appreciate the other person. Instead of saying many words they could just sum up their appreciation with a quick compliment. 


What are some examples of compliments? You can try out by complimenting their hair. You can say “I like your hairstyle”. You can also compliment the way they dress. Point out the nice color or the design in their clothes. Another way to compliment is by complimenting their hobbies. Many people feel insecure about their hobbies. But if you were to complement it, they would not feel as insecure. But really, you can compliment anyone for whatever. 


In conclusion, you can see that compliments really make people’s day. So the next time you are walking and see someone, compliment them and make their day.