Why Don’t Some Students Like School?

Why Dont Some Students Like School?

Sophia Vino

School can be a hard place for young people. The main reason most students dislike school is because they do not like being told what to do all day from the morning until afternoon. School is the most effective way to have children develop their brain and mindset, but children don’t like this discipline. 

One reason is that students often struggle with certain subjects which makes them nervous about their grades. This leads to dreadful stress. 

Another reason that some students avoid going to school is because of the other students who bully them. They have to go through days with that person picking on or taunting them. The student who is getting bullied may be threatened so they don’t speak up because their bully would get in trouble and would blame them. Bullying needs to stop.

The third reason students don’t like school is that there can be a lot of pressure to graduate, which can be a lot for a students. 

Even with these concerns, school is really important to me because there are so many people in my life that give me reasons why it is important. There are so many positive things that can make you like school. We all have ups and downs; just realize you aren’t alone in this.